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Features Guide

The goal of the features guide is to explain the import features of the Cinnamon Consolidation & Accounting product.

Table of Contents



Financial Instruments

  • Currencies, currency factors and rounding

  • Securities: shares, bonds, derivates, non-bankables

  • Bond events and ACI

  • Accounts: current accounts, money market accounts, active/passive loans, technical accounts

  • Currency forwards

  • Instrument attributes and segments

Investment Structure

  • Investment structure tree: mandate, portfolio, depot, position are all “targets”

  • Position types: security position, account position, currency forward

Consolidation and Context

  • Consolidations are an arbitrary set of assets seen in a currency

  • Mandate, free and ad-hoc consolidations

  • Targets can be added to or removed from consolidations

  • Positions can be added or removed via attribute filters

  • Overridable logic when to include portfolio and mandate fees

  • The current consolidation and default period define the context

  • The context is used for analysis and ad-hoc reporting


  • Transactions correspond to a business event

  • Transactions consist of a series of balanced booking operations

  • Booked transactions produce bookrows

  • Bookrows indicate their meaning via booking codes

  • Transaction types are parametrisable, extensible and historised

Market Data

  • Price and rate types and sources

  • Manual price and rate overrides

  • Mandate specific prices and rates

  • Pluggable price and rate finding logic

Position Keeping

  • Positions are kept separately for each consolidation

  • Bookrows for each target detail movements, income and expenses

  • Daily states for each target market value and flows

  • Bookrows and target states always reflect the current state of transactions and market data

  • Bookrows and target states are persisted or calculated on demand

  • Bookrows and target states are the basis for all anlysis, reporting and accounting

  • Booking order by value date, trade date or booking date


  • Security and currency valuation

  • Bond ACI calculation, day count conventions and ACI overriding

  • Account ACI calculation, day count conventions and interest scales

  • Currency forward valuation

  • Bond figure calculation

Return & Risk

  • Consistent calculations based on target states

  • Multiple, parametrisable net returns based on bookrows

  • Integration of external performance history


  • Always consistent with analysis and reporting

  • Powerful, rule based charts of accounts model supports any accounting standard

  • Any consolidation is suitable for accounting, including single positions

  • Ad-hoc accounting over the current context

  • Closing valuation methods (m2m, lcd, …)

  • Opening and closing bookings

  • Soft and hard closings

  • Opening balance closings

  • Multiple closing chains per consolidation, chart of accounts, valuation method

  • Restarting of closing chains after charts of accounts change


  • Composite, rebalanced benchmarks on indices, currencies, securities, consolidations, zero return, with yearly return offset

  • Periodic and explicit rebalancing

  • Strategies over multiple and hierarchical segmentations

  • Global segmentable strategy benchmark, or segment specific benchmarks


  • Any consolidation is suitable for reporting, including single positions

  • Ad-hoc reporting over the current context

  • From configurable asset lists to sophisticated multi-dimensional return attributions

  • Cinnamon Reporting offers multi channel, automated mass reporting, customer portal etc.

Import & Export

  • Well defined JSON interface to adapt to external systems

  • Automated or manually triggered import

  • All data or a mandate’s complete data is exportable in JSON format


  • Comprehensive API for external systems (read or read/write)

  • API Authorisation

  • REST API Specification

Architecture & Modelling

  • Scalable, extensible architecture

  • Modelling philosophy


  • System parameters

  • Instrument and target attributes

  • Business calendars

  • Base segmentations

  • User and organisation (tenant) management and authorisation

  • Administrative functions to control and reset state

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