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Content Management (Features)


  • Provide means to manage content of various type by use of workflows

  • Provide content to report generation

Cinnamon Features


Description / Details

Content Types

  • Define content types to be used in reports

Content Versions

  • Define versions of content for a content time along the dimensions

    • time: versions are valid in the specified period of time

    • language: versions are valid for a specific language

  • Each content version can have

    • a title (plain text)

    • a summary (rich text)

    • attachments

  • Supported attachment formats are

    • Images (PNG, SVG)

    • Word document

Content Management UI

  • UI to add or amend content types and content versions

  • Feature to bulk upload content from Excel

Content Building Block

  • A building block that can be included in a report type and attaches to a content type

  • Parameters reportingDate and reportLanguage will select the most up-to-date valid content version

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