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Introduction (Concepts Guide)

What is “Cinnamon Reporting”?

Cinnamon Reporting is a product of bmpi (a Swiss software company) that allows to

  • flexibly define reports

  • produce high-quality paper reports

  • produce high-quality online reports

It is mainly used in the financial industry for use cases like

  • Asset management mandate reporting

  • Institutional investment reporting

  • UHNWI / Family office reporting

  • Fund factsheets

  • etc.

The name “Cinnamon” is derived by simplification of the similar sounding word “Synomon” which is a kind of a (biological) messenger (“Botenstoff”). Similarly to a synomon, “Cinnamon” tries to be a messenger transporting the message of the source data to the reader.

Key differentiating factors of Cinnamon Reporting

Key factor


Flexible reporting products

Cinnamon allows to quickly setup new reporting products to fulfil the needs of different

  • Investment products

  • Client groups

  • Invidivual (large) clients

Multi-channel reporting

Cinnamon supports the production of both paper reports as well as interactive online reports from the same reporting definitions

Multi-lingual reporting

  • Cinnamon fully supports all languages and extended character sets (e.g. Chinese script)

  • A single “report” can be multi-lingual and thus allows a real-time translation when viewed online


Cinnamon is provided as a set of modern, lean micro-services that are easily integrated into a typical IT infrastructure of a financial institution. Cinnamon can be integrated with any

  • Datasource (Data warehouse, Portfolio management system, Core banking system)

  • Workflow software

  • Portal software

  • Content management system

  • Identity and Access Management provider

  • etc.

Cloud ready

Cinnamon is based on modern, standard technologies and can easily be deployed to cloud providers like AWS, Google, Azure etc.

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