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System Integration (Concepts Guide)

Cinnamon Reporting supports a wide range of integrations with surrounding systems.

For more details see the Integration Guide for Cinnamon Reporting.




Cinnamon can integrate with security systems to provide Single Sign On (SSO) as well as to fetch the user’s authorisations (both functional as well as data scopes).

Report Ordering

If report ordering should be integrated into other applications or user interfaces, Cinnamon provides a set of restful API’s to work with immediate and / or scheduled orders.

Workflow Tool

Cinnamon can invoke any workflow tool, whenever a scheduled report has been executed.

Data Sources

Cinnamon can integrate any data source with it’s concept of Data Adapters.

Content Management Systems

Cinnamon can integrate with any CMS to provide content like portfolio commentaries into the report production process.

Archival Systems

Cinnamon can post all rendered reports with the relevant metadata to an archival system


Cinnamon reports can be easily integrated into a customised portal by using the Cinnamon React Web Components and the Cinnamon Portal Services backend.

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