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Administering Word Templates

The word templates installed on a Cinnamon server can be managed from the Admin UI (needs admin credentials). Please refer to the Administration Guide.

Generally every report type references a “main” word template. This template’s styles have precedence over any “other templates” styles. A language specific template (template.<language>.docx) is used automatically if available and has predecence before the “main” template styles.

Precedence of styles taken whithin wordchannel rendering:

  1. Languagespecific template (if available, should only be used to “override” specific styles from main template)

  2. ReportType template (main declared in ReportType)

  3. otherTemplates (array declared in global configuration, first style “wins” declared in multiple templates)

The main word template (it is the Languagespecific template if available) also defines

  • all paragraph styles

  • the page setup (margins, etc.)

  • schemes

Additional templates can contain styles like

  • Table styles

  • Chart styles

  • Content styles

  • Layout styles

  • Contact styles

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