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Chart Styles




empty or {content}



ChartNodes are produced by copying the chart style and filling out the placeholders.

  • The actual chart is placed into the cell marked with {content} or, if no such placeholder exists, the first cell where the first paragraph is empty.

  • If no style is specified in the abstract report the chart is produced by using the default chart style (if available).


Chart styles only support defining default styles.


Example 1: Showing a simple case with a standard chart style

template-chart_simple_case.docx output-chart_simple_case.docx abstract-report-chart_simple_case.json

Example 2: Showing what happens if no style is specified

abstract-report-chart_no_style_specified.json output-chart_no_style_specified.docx template-chart_no_style_specified.docx

Example 3: Showing how using ‘noStyle’ works to render a chart without a style even if a default style is specified

output-chart_nostyle.docx template-chart_nostyle.docx abstract-report-chart_nostyle.json

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