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Contact Styles




{photo} or {photoCropped}





The ContactNode provides a way of adding contact information in a structured way. It works similarly to the ChartNode and RichTextNode in that there is a word table template with predefined fields. The photo can be filled by using the photo field (produces the untouched image) or the photoCropped field (produces a cropped to circle image).


The dimensions (height/width) of the photo are calculated based on the contact style’s cell height. Make sure to set the cell height appropriately, otherwise you won’t see any photo.


The contact styles only allow default styles to be set.


Example 1: Showing a simple case with an untouched photo

output-contact_simple_case.docx template-contact_simple_case.docx abstract-report-contact_simple_case.json

Example 2: Showing how to crop the photo to circle using the photoCropped field

abstract-report-contact_photocropped.json output-contact_photocropped.docx template-contact_photocropped.docx

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