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Report Delivery (Features)


  • Deliver reports to recepients via different channels (e-mail, archiving, web portals)

Cinnamon Features


Description / Details

Cinnamon Reporting Portal

  • Supports user sessions incl. authorisation and authentication to functions and data

  • Navigate between reports

    • viewing a list of the users portfolios

    • vieweing the reports available for a portfolio

    • switching between dates of a given report

  • Printing of reports or parts of reports (incl. a Print Composer)

  • Export data for report elements

  • Dashboarding:

    • Gathering report elements to a (named) dashboard

    • Automatically update dashboards with most current data for a given reporting element

Ad-hoc Report Viewing

Workflow-based Report Delivery

  • Trigger (external) workflows based on finished report executions

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