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Report Rendering (Features)


  • Render charts for inclusion in paper- and web-reporting

  • Render (abstract) reports to visually appealing reports in different formats / for different channels

  • Allow global definitions for the visual layout (separated from report structure / report data)

Cinnamon Features


Description / Details


(Pre-)render charts for inclusion in paper- and web-reporting including chart types like

  • line-charts, bar-charts, column-charts

  • combined line-/column-charts

  • scatter- and radar-plots

  • more innovative charts (sunburst, etc.)

Word / PDF Reporting

  • Render (abstract) reports to visually appealing reports in Word and PDF formats

  • Use a template to define common table / chart / paragraph styles

  • Handling of footers, headers, page/section breaks etc.

  • Set word / pdf document attributes

Excel Reporting

  • Render (abstract) reports to Excel data reports

  • Use a template to define the layout and visual appearance of cells

  • Create multi-worksheet documents

Web Reporting

  • Support browser-side rendering of abstract reports (json)

  • Support for reporting themes (implementing a company‚Äôs corporate design)

  • Definition of additional attributes to the nodes of an abstract report to control

    • Navigation between chapters

    • Linking of reporting elements incl. defining filters for drill-downs

    • Screen handling for full-screen presentation

    • Availability of nodes for dashboarding

Cinnamon React Components

Cinnamon React Components support the browser-side rendering of an abstract report

  • render charts

  • provide navigation information to portal

  • responsive rendering (to support large and smaller devices like Smartphones)

  • rendering for printing

Cinnamon Reporting Portal

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