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Row groups




importance secondary

importance primary

group importance primary

group importance secondary

importance primary

importance secondary


Just like columns and column groups, row groups are produced by copying the cells from the table style and filling them out.

Unlike column groups, it is not possible to specify different row styles for different row group styles. In other words, the row style for importance 1 is the same for row group style with importance 1 as well as importance 2. There is no hierarchy.

The row groups are produced if there are row group styles are defined and row group headers are defined in the abstract report. If the abstract report has no row group headers they are only produced if rowGroupHeadersHideIfNoLabels is set to false.

There is a special case for when no header facts are defined for the first fact column and the row header column should not be produced. In that case the row group header is produced into the first fact column.

Row group headers are merged with all cells until right before the first column that has header facts.

If VerticalTableNode.tableRowRepetition.repeatRowGroupHeaders is set to true the row group headers are repeated on every page.


Example 1: Showing a simple case in which row group headers and header facts are defined

abstract-report-row_groups_simple_case.json template-row_groups_simple_case.docx output-row_groups_simple_case.docx

Example 2: Showing row group headers in the first fact column

Please note: In this example, the row group headers are written into the first fact column because no row headers are defined and there is no header fact for the first column.

output-row_groups_in_first_column.docx template-row_groups_in_first_column.docx abstract-report-row_groups_in_first_column.json

Example 3: Showing row group headers where only header facts are produced

abstract-report-row_groups_header_facts_only.json output-row_groups_header_facts_only.docx template-row_groups_header_facts_only.docx

Example 4: Showing how rowGroupHeadersHideIfNoLabels works

abstract-report-row_groups_rowGroupHeadersHideIfNoLabels.json output-row_groups_rowGroupHeadersHideIfNoLabels.docx template-row_groups_rowGroupHeadersHideIfNoLabels.docx

Example 5: Showing how row group headers are merged

output-row_groups_merging.docx abstract-report-row_groups_merging.json template-row_groups_merging.docx

Example 6: Showing how repeat row group headers works

output-repeatrowgroupheaders_simple.pdf template-repeatrowgroupheaders_simple.docx output-repeatrowgroupheaders_simple.docx abstract-report-repeatrowgroupheaders_simple.json

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