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Search & Replace in Report Types

Advanced Search

The advanced search can be opened by clicking on the “Search and Replace” button in the top bar of the list of report types:

The advanced search offers more sophisticated search possibilities than the standard search (that searches only in id’s and descriptions):

  • restricting report types (by id)

  • restricting node id’s

  • restricting building blocks (by id)

  • restricting either properties or parameter

  • restricting by a specified property or parameter value

All such restrictions can be entered by using the wildcard character * and multiple search values can be combined using the pipe character |

Operations on nodes, properties or parameters found

Handling of drafts:

  • If a report type has no draft version, a draft will be created by any (bulk) operations

  • If a report type already has a draft version, the draft will be modified

Individual vs. bulk operations

When inspecting the list of found elements one can then

  • run a replace operation on a single element

    • a code snippet is provided highlighting the found property or parameter value

    • one can direclty open the report type at the specified element to further manually inspect

  • select a series of elements for a bulk replace operation (by checkboxes)

Types of operations supported

  • replace a property (or parameter) value

  • delete a property (or parameter)

  • delete a node

  • replace a node with a new node (provided in Json format)

  • add a node as child or sibling (with control on positioning)

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