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Building Blocks

Building blocks are the smallest elements that define a part of the report. Building blocks can be selected a catalog of building blocks:

Building blocks publish their information like

  • id (e.g. AB003)

  • description

  • sample image

  • category (used to filter the catalog)

  • parameters (as seen in the composer properties panel)

  • use cases (as seen in the documentation report)

Built-in Building Blocks





Common parameters for all building blocks

  • mainTitle

  • subTitle

  • style: sets the style used to visualise (has a dependency on node types and channels)

  • tags: an array of tags. Current tags used by the online channel are

    • SolidChrome, DarkChrome, LightChrome to set the chrome (background)

    • Screen: to define an entity of nodes to be shown together in fullscreen mode


Creates a paragraph.

  • Word reports will not show children of a paragraph node

  • mainTitle, subTitle will not be visualised

  • content

  • theme

  • style: names a paragraph style


  • style: names a paragraph

  • theme

  • styleinsertSectionPageBreak: wheter to insert a section break (new page). Only affecting word reports.


A building block producing a html text.

  • html: a string that contains simple html that produces a formatted output. Allowed tags are

    • <h1>, <h2> etc.

    • <p>, <br>

    • <ol> or <ul> together with <li>

  • style: a reference to a richt text style. In a word template, tags can be mapped to word paragraph styles. See also Richtext Styles


This building block has no effect on the visual output but just produces it’s children. It can be used to set common parameters for a list of blocks


Like NoOpBB does not produce any output itself but produces it’s children. Word reports will place the output into the header story (of the current section)


Like NoOpBB does not produce any output itself but produces it’s children. Word reports will place the output into the footer story (of the current section)


This building block produces it’s children and places them in the specified “slots”. Children are expected to have the attribute slotset.

  • style: see examples

  • for word reporting select a layout component defined in the template:

    "style": "CS_C_CoverOverview"
  • for online reports select one of a series of predefined styles:

  • JSON
    "style": "CS_W_OverviewSection"


  • Online only, for complex arrangements of data

  • For word reports use a specialised LayoutBB instead


  • A building block that allows a list of children to be toggled through in online reporting.

  • every child is expected to have a toggleTitle set in parameters. This will control the title for the button used to toggle.

Word reports will just place all children in a flow design, Same as NoOpBB would do.


  • A ContentBB is used to select and display content from the connected Content Management module (see also Working with Content).

  • contentTypeId: the id of the contentType to be selected

  • reportingDate: selects the valid content version (reportingDate to be within period validFrom ... validTo)

  • reportLanguage, availableLanguages: selects the matching content version (online reports support multiple languages)

  • style: the name of the style to be used for the LayoutNode

  • contentTitleStyle: optional style to formate the title (word reporting)

  • contentSummaryStyle: the style used to format the summary / RichTextNode

  • omitAttachments: wheter to omit the attachment

Solution-specific Building Blocks

In a typical reporting solution, a series of intelligent investment reporting specific building blocks are provided, like

  • Performance overviews as charts or tables, for different periods

  • Asset breakdowns (for any segmentation, date, figure)

  • Position lists

  • Performance contribution & attribution (as tables or charts)

  • Transaction lists

  • Profit-loss tables

  • etc.

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