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Product Management (Features)


  • Design a very flexible way to configure abstract client reports (to be later rendered for a channel) by using building blocks and (business) parameters.

  • Provide support to enter more complex parameters or reporting artefacts (segmentations, dictionary, profiles etc.)

Cinnamon Product Management Features


Description / Details


Report Types

  • Report types define the reporting products that can be ordered

  • Report types are built as a tree of building blocks supporting

    • Sections, used to create chapters, sub-chapters etc. that help navigation of the produced reports

    • Iterations of a subtree of building blocks over a list of data (e.g. generate a short chapter for every fund invested in the portfolio)

Excerpt from a report type definition


Parameters for a cumulated return chart

Reporting Logic

  • Expressions to control enabling/disabling any part of the report (e.g. hide bond analysis if investments in bonds below a threshold)

  • Expressions to calculate parameter values (e.g. calculate last month ends give a report date to set reporting date of building blocks)

  • Hiding policies, e.g.

    • ifEmpty is used to hide any building block if the contents like table rows or chart series are empty

    • byChildren is used to hide a parent block (e.g. the section title) if all children are decided to be hidden

    • etc.

Hide chapter depending on order paramter and set title based on reporting frequency

Abstract (multi-channel) reports

  • The production of abstract reports defer the layout and channel specifics to the latest possible moment

  • Abstract reports (for online) contain multiple languages and locale that get resolved (translated and formatted) just at the time of consumption in a portal

Layout templates & themes

  • Exchangable layout templates for paper reporting

  • Flexible theming for online reports

Multi-Lingual reports

  • While paper reports support a single language (after rendering) online reports can be produced as “multi-lingual” reports e.g. to support switching of languages in a client / fund portal

Dictionary entry in multiple languages allowing to be parametrized with data


  • Profiles provide a set of default parameter values dependent on a solution-specific mapping of

    • Product types

    • Client types

    • Reporting lines

    • etc.

Cinnamon Product Management User Interfaces

Repporting Specialists use the Cinnamon Reporting user interfaces to define and maintain the institutions reporting products both for paper and online reporting. See the following guides to learn more about the features of these user interfaces:

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